Next Stop Kenmore: Doors open on the Left

Exactly one week from tonight, the Greatest Of All Time will be slinging the rock all over the dirty birds in Houston.  #OneMore.  But right now, in this moment of clarity that drove me to put these thoughts down in the world wide web, all I can think about is how in 14 days we get our first look at the three headed beast of Sale, Porcello, and Price as they arrive at Fenway South.

“Pitchers & Catchers.”  That one phrase evokes more hope than hitting 3 of your first 4 keno numbers at your favorite cash only dive. My humble hope and dream for this site is to create a landing spot for the gritty animals out there in it for the full 162.  We’ll see where this goes and if anyone likes it, we’ll keep it going.  All about the interaction here.  Comment below, email me at, or get down in the DMs on Twitter @NextStopKenmore.